Plants with Amazing Health Benefits

Plants with Amazing Health Benefits

You’ve probably heard of using Aloe Vera for sunburn or Ginger for an upset stomach, but I’m about to give you the inside scoop on some amazing plants to add to your herbalist portfolio!

Dandelions or (Taraxacum officinale) are a horrible weed right? Turns out they can actually have some insane health benefits. These little yellow flowers are full of great things for your body. Although these flowers are common, I wouldn’t go around picking them from any yard or park. Many common areas are highly treated with pesticides, insecticides and fertilizer. A good area to gather dandelions are in places that dont have high traffic. This could be in a field, a nature park, or trails. If some happen to grow in your own yard, and you know harsh chemicals aren’t used to treat your lawn, then those dandelions may be food grade as well.


  • Packed full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.
  • Detox for liver
  • Skin infection treatment
  • Bone Health
  • Pottant antioxidants

Not only does this plant help with indoor allergies, it also absorbs and removes harmful airborne chemicals. This snake plant also known as (Dracaena trifasciata) is a low maintenance air purifier, — I mean houseplant. They need direct sunlight, and occasional watering when the soil is dry. These plants can grow up to 4 feet tall and soak up ample amounts of CO2 at night!


  • Allergy control
  • High Oxygen emission
  • Air purifier
  • Co2 absorption

One of my favorite herbs that has been used for hundreds of years. (Salvia Rosmarinus) has actually been studied in great lengths. A certain component in it called 1,8-cineole is believed to be the cause of its affect of increased brain function in terms of memory. Northumbria University conducted a study with this shrub like plant, and it showed significant benefits . 150 volunteers over the age of 65 took part in a recollection test, half were placed in a room filled with rosemary essential oil, and those who were in the room scored on average 15% than those without the herb present.


  • Memory boost
  • Higher cognitive function
  • Better concentration

Many studies have been conducted on this flower, to learn more about its beneficial properties. One study in particular done in 2016 by 8 separate scientists in the pharmaceutical biology field, tested the flower in many different ways and showed results for many runs. This flower is said to have immune system support and a variety of other helpful aspects that make this a great plant to add to your collection!


  • Immune system boost
  • Helps with viruses such as the common cold
  • Alleviates raspatory issues

Not only do marigolds look and smell great, they hold a plethora of health benefits as well! Due to the high antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory compounds this lovely plant will make a beautiful addition to any home. From soar throats to infection, this flower has been shown to help.


  • Decreases swelling
  • improves circulation
  • helps cramping and muscle aches
  • Antifungal
  • Treats many infections
  • Promotes healthy skin

Going natural is not a new concept, and many people live by this way of treating or alleviating symptoms of ailments. Nature provides many things for us. The next time you feel a cold coming, brew up some Echinacea and put it to the test!

Best Garden Bed Ideas For 2021

Best Garden Bed Ideas For 2021

Everyone gardens differently, and personally I love to experiment with new ways of doing it! Here are 5 creative garden bed ideas for your next project.

  1. Vertical Garden

Some of the most beautiful and creative gardens I’ve seen this year have been placed like this. A vertical set up saves an incredible amount of space for those who would love a garden, but not a cramped backyard. If you live in apartments and want to add a little greenery to a balcony, this is a perfect idea for you! A nice treated plyboard with some 2×4’s angled off of it, is a great way to DIY your own without having to permanently fix the boards onto a fence or wall.

2. Classic Garden Boxes

For the old school garden box lovers, these are still on trend! The boxes are sold at most garden supply stores, or easily made DIY! The boxes that really stand out are multi sized ones like in the picture below where one might be taller or longer than the other, and usually stained to add a pop of color to match your garden design. These are the easy classics that I grew up on and will always be partial to.

3. Table/Standing Box

A standing garden box is not only better for your back, but makes a great accent piece for your garden or patio! When I was first introduced, I knew they would be a game changer for me. Not only does this help with drainage for keeping the soil from being overwatered, but creates a multi level stand for more plants underneath! this is a feature I’ve found to save water in my own garden!

4. Shelf box

Whether you want pots, or full boxes, a shelved unit can be a great statement piece that leaves an ample amount of space when working in smaller areas. These shelves are easily found at most home décor stores. Creating a layered affect with full plants is a beautiful addition to any garden, and can be made very minimalistic depending on your choice of shelves! Indoors or outdoors, this type of garden box defiantly has its perks.

5. Tiered Garden Box

This style of box is not just pretty, but efficient. The stacked boxes not only protect your plants, but also create a longer growing season. Because these types of stacked boxes will stay warmer for longer, your gardening time is extended! These are statement pieces that can resemble any structure, and come in a variety of styles or shapes. Tiered garden boxes really are a perfect garden centerpiece.

Moss Lawn : A Fad or the Future?

Moss Lawn : A Fad or the Future?

Moss is something usually avoided in landscaping, but apparently its making a comeback!

During the many times I’m scrolling on social media, I have seen a fair share of moss coming across my page. Usually I see it as a base for bonsai trees, or some cute succulent gardens, but recently a picture caught my eye of a moss backyard and it looked amazing!

Since it looks so soft and magical, I decided to do some research and surprisingly, moss could be a game changer when it comes to lawn care!

Moss is easy, aesthetic, and comes in many varieties.

If someone were to moss their entire backyard, it wouldn’t need any more attention. The springy stuff needs no cutting, watering, or fertilizer to grow.

Moss is a hearty organism which can thrive in even the lowest quality of soils. Because its so low maintenance, its actually a great grass substitute! For any age home owners who want to save money on the water bill and have a little extra time on Sundays to watch the game instead of cutting the lawn, this is a great alternative. Depending on where you live and what climate you have, you should choose the moss accordingly. There’s hundreds of types to choose from to create the aesthetic your going for.

Eco Friendly

Moss, like most organisms have a relationship with its environment and great news for us, moss helps! If you live somewhere cold, you probably deal with snow. To keep everyone safe, roads are salted and unfortunately when that salt drains through the soil it has affects on soil and water. Moss can help counteract this. Because of its absorbent nature, it grabs that water and uses it, since moss isn’t affected this is a great thing to implement in cold climates.

Moss actually helps control the runoff of pesticides, fertilizer, salt and many other pollutants. A new movement is happening in Europe called the Green Roof Movement which has now spread across the globe with Toronto being one of the leading forces. If you can replace or update your roof, balconies, or exterior walls to house plants, it can lower temperature, counteract polluted storm water, and even reduce home energy use when done properly. Its amazing to think what can be done simply by making room for greenery!

Moss Gardening

If a whole lawn or roof is too daunting, but your interested like me, try a moss garden! I was so excited to get my hands on this stuff and you should be too! Since moss grows over terrain easily, I decided a few rocks and things in the corner of the yard mixed with a small fairy garden would be magical! I wasn’t disappointed. Although mine is just kicking off and should be established in the next few weeks, this type of gardening is already something much simpler I can enjoy!

5 ways a backyard can increase home value

5 ways a backyard can increase home value

Ready to say hello to a higher home listing price without spending a fortune on an addition or waiting weeks for a remodel?

If you make a habit of good quality outdoor maintenance, than you’re in luck! Between 5 and 13 additional percent can be added to your home listing price with outdoor improvements. Not only can you get more value, but it’s also is proven to attract more buyers! For a general $300,000 home, these 5 outdoor projects can give you an instant increase in home value around $16,000 to $40,000 depending on your locale!

The yard is a key component often overlooked in the home selling process, the buyer takes the backyard into consideration more than the seller usually realizes. Its extremely important in todays wild housing market to stand out!

2021 has a main focus of expanding safe outdoor living space since the spread of COVID 19

In this article I’ll give you the most cost affective upgrades that can make YOU money, while explaining why those upgrades work, and some tips and tricks to get your yard looking the best because now, your yard is an investment!

Install a Deck

According to HGTV, a new deck is on their list of the most valuable home improvements, and for good cause. Installing a new deck in the backyard has about 106% return rate, and really turns heads! A deck is one of the best outdoor improvements someone can make to elevate their homes appraisal price in 2021.

TIP : Most newer decks these days don’t have to be thousands of dollars, a specific area where gatherings are designated gives the backyard an organized and thought out feel. Think more of a terrace on the ground, than a full blown backyard deck.

So here’s the question, what does a deck have that some good flowers and shrubs don’t?

Well, a nice backyard is a must have space for many family’s. Those who love to entertain, can enjoy lasing hours outside, and a family that is able to relax in comfort outside can change a bidder from a maybe to a definitely with one look at the backyard!

2021 is all about minimalization and a one step deck is clean and more then cost efficient for a quick way to boost a backyards appeal!

Pave the Way

If decks aren’t your thing, maybe a patio is! A clean and simple look of a couple pavers to divide and section off the yard, can make all the difference. I work in landscape, and putting down pavers is more DIY than you think.

My local landscape supply store helps home owners through the process all the time, since a landscaper might be out of budget.

Pavers come in all shapes and sizes so its up to you how complicated you want the job to be! For simplicity’s sake, large 24×24 paver blocks are usually used, its a plus that it’s easier, minimal, and gives your yard an extra pop!

TIP : Typically you’ll need about 3 things. Some form of paver base like crushed concrete, a sand to fill the gaps and go under your pavers like poly, and the pavers themselves. If you want a cheaper alternative to create entertainment space that boosts your home value, this is for you!

Build a firepit

Right off the bat, when I walk into a backyard for a BBQ or some family function and a fire is going, I automatically feel more cozy!

I’m almost positive that I am not alone in the comfort a nice fireplace can bring, not only does a fireplace add warmth to your home, but an additional boost in marketability takes the home to another level in many home search platforms such as Zillow and Realtor! Like a moth to a flame buyers seek out an additional statement piece that requires no set up from them, and a fire pit or table is a great thing to have!

A small fire pit will suffice, but if your really looking for a statement, than a brick fireplace or fire table is an amazing addition that can recoup a couple thousand from the upgrade.

ps. just be sure to look at your city fire guidelines so your informed on what type of fire pits are allowed where you live!


I call this, Paver round 2!

Not only can you use pavers for a patio and fireplace, but creating walkways elevates your front and backyard! A clean walkway from the driveway to the porch, your patio to a firepit, or detached shed can create a better looking yard immediately and definitely increase the value of your home. The market appeal for this type of improvement is great and catches the eyes of many home buyers increasing your likelihood for multiple bidders.

the construction of layout plays a huge roll to how your yard flows, so make sure you design it to complement your specific yard, and create curves and interesting focal points to draw the eye!

The same tips apply here that they do with the patio, sand and base are needed to keep the walkway from sinking into the groung or becoming damaged. All paver upgrades are interchangeable, but if your considering adding them all then they should complement each other, either in color or texture!


Understandably, you don’t love the fact that your neighbor can look over and check out everything going on in your backyard at any time.

Privacy is important. Taking steps to ensure comfort and peace with privacy fencing or greenery will step up your yard and bring peace of mind to anyone who comes over, as well as the future families your looking to sell to. The return rate on privacy fencing is between 50 to 70 percent.

TIP : A fence in the front yard will hurt your property value, but if installed in the back it will add value. Something to watch out for is the versatility and design of the fence. To make a privacy fence work, it has to complement the landscape that’s already implemented in your yard, as well as match the home! Be sure to allow a flow from front to backyard even when including the privacy fence with or without the gate.